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The African Economic Foundation is a 501(c)(3) Organization. The African Economic Foundation is a nonprofit corporation that currently has 3 seats on the board but is currently expanding to 5 seats. The organization still has vacant seats across all the committees and needs willing participants that will invest time and money into the AEF so that the organization can be successful. The current filled and vacant seats/positions are detailed below:

Chief : Bradley Bailey
Deputy Chief : Patrick Chambliss
3rd Seat : James Burns
4th Seat : Vacant
5th Seat : Vacant

Secretary : Charisse Hogg
Treasurer : Bradley Bailey
Economic Detailed Database Manager : Patrick Chambliss
Head Travel Coordinator : Charisse Hogg
Promotion Manager : Jim Denson
Assistant Secretary: Scott Caesar

Economic Detailed Database Committee
Olivia Jonale
Deonte Ford

Travel Coordinator
Scott Caesar

Promotion/Media Team

James Denson
Richard Dixon
Patrick Chambliss
Daniel Davidson

The African Economic Foundation is a 501c nonprofit group, and fully tax deductible.