"Take care of the village and the village will take care of you."


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Buy cloth whole sale for your designs, or apparel and clothing.


Architects, Engineers, Trade skills, etc. Everything you need to build a healthy community.


Invest in your skills and gear to protect your family and yourself


The mission of the AEF is to mold business relationships and stimulate economic growth within Africa and the African Diaspora. Connecting buyers, sellers, and skilled workers across the globe. Providing investment avenues and business planning for individuals or corporations.

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Our Team


Board of Directors
Chief : Bradley Bailey
Deputy Chief : Patrick Chambliss
3rd Seat : Charisse Hogg
4th Seat : Micheal Ethridge

5th Seat : Helena Williams

Secretary : Charisse Hogg

Treasurer : Helena Williams
Economic Detailed Database Manager : Patrick Chambliss
Travel Coordinator : Bradley Bailey
Promotion Manager : Jim Denson


Economic Detailed Database Committee

Patrick Chambliss
Olivia Jonale
Deonte Ford

Promotion/Media Team

Patrick Chambliss

James Denson

Nina Freeland

Lee Brooks



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